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Virgo Zodiac Strengths All Over Printed T-Shirt

Virgo Zodiac Strengths All Over Printed T-Shirt

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Would you like a Virgo zodiac strengths t-shirt that gets noticed? This could be a one-off Virgo star sign gift for a father, mother, or son, daughter. E.g. Virgo astrology t-shirt gift for birthday, Christmas or mothers day and fathers day - You decide ;)

Virgo Strengths: Orderly / Modest / Loyal / Humble / Logical.

- Front & Rear All Over Print.
- Environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.
- 100% polyester 'cotton-feel'. 140gsm.

We’re an On-Demand business model with a personalization option, meaning that products will be printed when orders arrive at our suppliers. This item is shipped from London, UK. Please see our shipping policy for further information regarding shipping details.

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